Newly Found Freedom to Collaborate

November 30, 2017

With our new business offer you can experience a completely new dimension of cooperation. Teamplace Business is ideal for all companies that actively engage with customers, service providers or partner companies.

Construction planners, agencies, photographers, educational institutions and many more all see instant benefits from Teamplace Business. The solution combines the ease and flexibility of Teamplace with the requirements of daily business use. And not to mention, it’s hosted in Germany and fully in accordance with its strict data protection regulations.

Teamplace Business distinguishes between the members of an organization and external users. The members of an organization are simply identified by their e-mail address. But it’s also possible to create cross-company organizations, because the domains of the email addresses do not necessarily have to be the same.

By simply adding the logo and the corporate color, Teamplace Business can be instantly designed to match the corporate identity.

If members of the organization create a Teamplace, it runs permanently. Billing is carried out centrally for the entire organization based on cost-effective packages making it both simple and calculable.

When creating a Teamplace, the owner of that Teamplace can decide whether it is a closed Teamplace or whether external users may be invited. This ensures that confidential information cannot leave the company.

If a Teamplace is open for external users, any number can be invited. All they need is a free Teamplace account. The respective Teamplace appears in their interface with the company logo and is thus easy to distinguish from other Teamplaces.

Of course, the business version also offers all the renowned Teamplace features, such as simple versioning, a fast preview of virtually all documents and image formats, an online office based on LibreOffice and the simplest invitation process for new members.

So why not see for yourself with a completely free 14-day trial account.


More information on Teamplace Business is available here »