Fast and Easy Deployment of Corporate iOS Devices via Apple Device Enrollment Program (DEP)

Cortado Server supports the Apple Device Enrollment Program. iPads and iPhones purchased by the company directly from Apple or authorized dealers can be provided to users still in their original packaging, without IT admins having to physically configure each device. Especially large numbers of mobile devices are rolled out and managed far easier and far faster.

The Benefits

Apple Device Enrollment Program (DEP): Manage Devices

Zero-Touch Configuration for IT

Manual MDM configuration of iOS devices is no longer necessary. Once registered for the program, administrators easily assign devices to Cortado Server in the DEP portal. As soon as a device is put into operation for the first time, it is detected by the Apple server, automatically redirected to Cortado Server and fully configured.

Simple, Stand-Alone Setup by Users

Employees enjoy starting out-of-the-box with their new iPads and iPhones. IT configures the devices centrally via Cortado Server, so that users only need to activate their device. Activation is via the usual Setup Wizard. If IT departments wish, then a number of steps involved in the standard setup process can be skipped. After activation, users immediately access shared corporate resources and features with the Cortado app, which is simultaneously rolled out during activation.

Apple Device Enrollment Program (DEP): Automatic Configuration of iOS Devices

Apple Device Enrollment Program (DEP): Manage MDM Profiles

Extended Overview & Over-the-Air-Control

The DEP portal provides a perfect overview of all iOS devices purchased by the company. Management of the MDM profiles for these devices is carried out via the Management Console in Cortado Server. IT administrators can decide here whether they want to roll out and manage specific devices in supervised mode. This allows even more precise control of iPads and iPhones as well as a wide range of security-related settings. For example, the use of certain services can be limited or apps removed, and all remotely done by the admin.