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MDM for Worldwide Fashion Label - Case Study

Case Study: Worldwide Fashion

The Mission: 

The sales reps of the international fashion chain Worldwide Fashion* are to be given the ability to print documents in any branch office with an iOS or Android device or to transmit them to other branches.

The Solution:

The leading cloud printing technology enables flexible printing from all mobile devices. In the process, Cortado Server provides the appropriate printing option for every situation both over network printers as well as public Wi-Fi printers.

Before, when our employees visited a branch office, they had to think carefully about which documents they would need on-site. Thanks to the mobile printing solution from Cortado, our productivity in the field has improved significantly.

—  IT Manager, Worldwide Fashion


  • Industry: Fashion Retail
  • Solution: Cortado Server
  • Hardware: iPads, iPhones and Android devices

Download Case Study (PDF)

* The name is representative of a customer whose name we cannot mention for commercial reasons.