MDM Brings Mobility to Northern Germany’s Largest Mall

MDM for Northern Germany's Largest Mall - Case Study

Case Study: Dodenhof

In the dodenhof malls, with two locations near Bremen and Hamburg in Germany, Cortado provides for the secure management of mobile devices (MDM), file access, and mobile printing.

How would the new couch look in your living room at home? Customers of the dodenhof lifestyle centers no longer have to use their imagination to choose the right upholstered furniture, but instead take advantage of mobile technology. Supported by the dodenhof furniture experts at both locations, an app on iPads in the showroom shows customers how a choice piece of furniture fits into a room and whether it is the right size, shape, and color.

Over 30 iPads in the sales areas now ensure the most modern way of planning interiors. But that’s not all. Employees at the management level are also equipped with mobile devices in order to work when mobile and be able to react more quickly.

“In the course of the digitalization, we were faced with the task of managing mobile devices”, recalled Marc Kluckert, Team Leader of Information and Telecommunications Technology.

So the company began looking for an appropriate solution and evaluated three different systems. In addition to mobile device and mobile application management, the on-premises solution also provides access to the company’s file system as well as extensive options for mobile printing.

The file access and the printing, in connection with the other functions, were ultimately the deciding argument for buying the Cortado solution. With the file access and printing to all printers in the company, we were able to provide users with added value that optimized several processes.

– Thomas Friedrichs, Department Head of Information and Telecommunications Technology.

Mobile printing, a special feature of the Cortado solution, rounds out the planning process.

At dodenhof, about 200 devices are currently managed through the Cortado software. In the long term, the company expects an increase to 250 to 300 devices. Marc Kluckert:

We have to get the people on board. We do that by providing them with functions that make their work easier.

In addition to company-issued devices, employees use their own Android and iOS devices too, within the framework of BYOD. If, for example, a device is stolen, – a danger that exists not only in the showroom – the Cortado solution provides a remote and complete data wipe of the device. In addition to this measure, a partial wipe of any company-related data is also possible. Marc Kluckert: “So sensitive data cannot fall into the wrong hands.”


dodenhof is northern Germany’s largest mall, which alone at its headquarters near Bremen has over 120,000 square meters of retail space and numerous product lines. The offerings range from home, fashion, and technology to sports and a gourmet center. At the location near Hamburg, dodenhof has a furniture store and a fashion and sports store on approximately 50,000 square meters. In total, 2,500 employees work for dodenhof. Since its founding in 1910, the company has been run by the Dodenhof family, now in its fourth generation.

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