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Case Study: Global Insurance

The Mission: 

Global Insurance* is a global insurance group, whose sales and customer service model is based on independent insurance agents. The goal was to make the process of claims settlement and inquiries as up-to-date and simple as possible.

The Challenges: 

To do this, all insurance agents needed mobile access to corporate data via a smartphone or tablet. The autonomy of the individual agencies ruled out complete management of the mobile devices. And since the insurance agents should use social media as a communication channel, a secured container solution would work against the ultimate goal.

The Solution: 

The new malware inspection of Cortado Server allows non-integrated devices to access corporate files and at the same time ensures that no viruses or similar malware find their way into the company.

Our customers are both astonished and pleasantly surprised that they can reach us at any time through new communication channels. It puts us a step closer to the customer and we keep competitors at bay.

—  IT Manager, Global Insurance


  • Industry: Insurance
  • Solution: Cortado Server
  • Hardware: iPads, iPhones, Android and Windows Mobile devices

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*The name is representative of completed and ongoing projects for our customers whose names we cannot mention at present for various reasons.