Secure Remote Access for US Real Estate

MDM for US Reals Estate Company - Case Study

Case Study: Wilson Meany

The Mission: 

Field teams travel onsite for customer visits and need realtime access to files and documents stored on a shared marketing network drive to complete project management tasks. BayNODE, a local IT consulting firm, tested solutions and advised Wilson Meany.

The Solution: 

The marketing team, who works remotely on location, has been using iPads v2 and v3 running on the AT&T® network since early 2012. Currently, seven users from the marketing group are equipped with iPad devices that feature Cortado. They have secure access to a marketing share drive to upload/save documents directly from their iPads. This drive is only open to this team of field users.

The Result:

Wilson Meany has seen a dramatic increase in user productivity when on site since there is no need to go back to the office. Productivity has also increased since users can access files while in the field. Additionally, there is no need to spend time copying files to a USB stick which can be compromised or lost. Cortado enabled users to deliver their presentations in real time while onsite with the prospective customers and tenants.

It’s great to be able to access corporate files with a single click while working in the field where demand for quick response is mission critical. Cortado’s solution ensures this functionality.

— Cem Kursunoglu, President & CEO, BayNODE


  • Industry: Real Estate
  • Solution: Cortado Server
  • Hardware: iPads
  • Partner: BayNODE

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