Multinational Investment Group Enhances Team Work with Dynamic Group Management

MDM for Investment Group - Case Study

Case Study: ESSAR India

The Mission: 

Employees need access to important information in the corporate network without use of the internet and with smartphones running on different systems. Likewise receiving and sending faxes should not be limited just to the office or via the local network.

The Solution: 

Cortado allows full independence from location-bound workplaces and equips smartphones with classic desktop features.

The Result:

Since iPhone and BlackBerry smartphones have been integrated on a cross-platform basis into corporate IT, all employees benefit from mobile access to important information. Thanks to the desktop features, information can be worked on directly, printed, faxed, or forwarded as email.

We are extremely satisfied with the solution. Our workers now have access to important information while on the go and can further work with this information and then forward it – just as if they were sitting at their desk. It’s an optimum solution for great teamwork.

— Prasad Patil, DGM – IT, ESSAR India


  • Industry: Energy sector, Transport, Logistics, Telecommunication
  • Solution: Cortado Server
  • Hardware: BlackBerry smartphones, iPhones, printers, etc.
  • Partner: Solutions Middle East

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