Adding a tenant via the Cortado Management Console

Cortado Server Now with Multitenancy Support

A multi-tenant version of our Cortado Server is now available. This allows securely separated areas on a single server to be created for individual companies or business areas and all accounts to be managed centrally via a management console.

Filesharing via Virtual Data Rooms

Discover On-Premises Virtual Data Rooms

Whether for sharing with external providers, in business negotiations or project work with partner companies – the virtual data rooms of Cortado Server provide the ideal solution. Completely on-premises, they give participants easy access to shared data rooms and give the company maximum security.

Now available: Cortado Server 8 FR1

Fast and Easy Deployment of Corporate iOS Devices via Apple’s Device Enrollment Program (DEP)

Cortado Server now supports Apple’s Device Enrollment Program. iPads and iPhones purchased by the company directly from Apple or authorized dealers can be provided to users still in their original packaging, without IT admins having to physically configure each device. Especially large numbers of mobile devices are rolled out and managed far easier and far faster.