Cortado Connects the iOS Files App with File Servers

June 9, 2017

iPad accessing the file server from the Files app

On June 5, Apple unveiled its new Files app for iOS 11 at WWDC 2017. This new app is designed to allow iOS to easily access documents and files from any source. Cloud storage providers, such as Box, Dropbox and of course iCloud, play an important role. At the same time, the Files app will give these services a common user interface.

However, looking at the reality of day-to-day use, most important files are still stored on a company’s own file servers. Cortado Server delivers the right solution for exactly this scenario. This is because Cortado Server already offers direct access from apps to the enterprise’s own file server.

With the upcoming release of iOS 11, Cortado Server will also be able to access the file server directly from the Files app. iOS 11 and especially iPad Pro users can access Dropbox via a common user interface and the internal file server via Cortado’s solution.

“With our support for iOS 11 and Apple’s Files app, access to corporate files has never been this easy,” said Armin Lungwitz, CIO at Cortado Mobile Solutions. “Employees can easily access the enterprise’s own file server without having to move files to the public cloud. If necessary, files can be held within the secure corporate network, yet are simultaneously available for mobile access and use.”