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EU-Datenschutz / EU GDPR

Implementing GDPR – Current Infringements Highlight Urgency

Edition 08/2019
  • How Is GDPR Going for You?
  • New: Rollout and Manage Android Apps Directly from the Cortado MDM Console
  • C.HAFNER Separates Not Just Precious Metals, Also Business & Private Apps
Apple Devices

iOS 13 and BYOD: Apple Places Its Focus on Users

Edition 07/2019
  • New User Enrollment in iOS 13 Makes BYOD User-Friendly
  • No Matter Whether COBO or BYOD: Make It Easy for Yourself
Cortado MDM – Control Panel

Bring Your Own Device... As long as It's Not a Huawei

Edition 06/2019
  • More Than Just a New Look: Cortado MDM
  • Data Protection & Press Freedom – Not a Problem for Cortado MDM
  • Blog: Are Huawei Smartphones On Their Way Out?
iPhone Start Screen

Why It Can Pay To Delay iOS Updates

Edition 05/2019
  • Blog: iOS 13 Is Due, Is Everyone Waiting for the Update?
  • Manage iOS Updates Easily with Cortado

iOS 13: Features that Benefit Businesses

Edition 04/2019
  • iOS 13 Should Make Our Wishes Come True
  • White Paper: Android Enterprise Best Practices
  • Tip: Not Using MDM Yet?

WhatsApp and GDPR? Skating on Thin Ice, Or Not?

Edition 03/2019
  • How to Ensure WhatsApp is Fully GDPR-Conform
  • White Paper: MDM for Beginners
  • Try Cortado MDM Now!

Why Mobile Work is Easier

Edition 02/2019
  • Easier Than You Thought: Corporate-Wide Rollout of iOS Apps
  • Tip: How Admins Save Time and Make Users Happy
  • On Tour: ¡Hola Barcelona! ¡Hola Mobile World Congress!

A Full MDM Solution in 24 Hours – Too Good to be True?

Edition 01/2019
  • Video: How Cortado MDM Simplifies Your Mobile Strategy
  • New: Enhanced Overview & New iOS 12 Management Features
  • How to Recover Lost Android Devices


How to Recognize & Reduce IT Security Loopholes

Edition 10/2018
  • Easily Identify & Overcome 3 Common Security Challenges
  • MDM – The Easiest Way to Secure Mobility?
  • Cortado Ensuring Peace & Order in Mannheim

5 + 1 Everyday Hacks to Instantly Get More Done Mobile

Edition 09/2018
  • They Just Work: 5 Everyday Hacks for More Mobile Productivity
  • Bonus Tip: Save Even More Time When Working with Mobile Devices

When Does an MDM System Really Pay Off?

Edition 08/2018
  • These Mobile Apps Alone Justify an MDM
  • Cortado Cloud Makes it Easy to Get Started with MDM
  • Cortado Server – Even in the Bathroom

Lost iPads and Productive Working on the Road

Edition 06/2018
  • Field Report: Completing Tasks on Business Trips
  • Cortado Server Helps Lebenshilfe Gelderland
  • Early Bird Discount for the Enterprise Mobility Summit

An End to Workarounds when Accessing Network Drives

Edition 05/2018
  • Not Just Any Drive, Connect to Your Network Drive!
  • Self-Test: Working with an iPad Air 2 for a Week
  • Care with Cortado

Can Google Catch up in the Business World?

Edition 04/2018
  • How Google is Catching Up in the Business World
  • These MDM functions are a must
  • Why WhatsApp is not the End of BYOD

Why Enterprise Mobility Management Makes Mobile Workplaces Secure

Edition 03/2018
  • White Paper: Turn Mobile Devices into Secure Workplaces
  • How iOS 11.3 Makes Mobile Working More Secure

New: Enterprise Mobility for Mac & Windows Devices

Edition 02/2018
  • Secure Collaboration in Virtual Data Rooms
  • How Mac, Samsung Knox and Windows Devices Become Part of your Enterprise Mobility Management
  • Video: Get more done mobile
Presenting Teamplace Business

Make 2018 Your Team’s Best Year Ever

Edition 01/2018
  • Teamplace Business and the new Freedom of Mobile Collaboration
  • On-Demand Webinar on the EU’s General Data Protection Regulation


From a Laissez-Faire to a GDPR-Compliant Workplace

Edition 10/2017
  • From a Laissez-Faire to a GDPR-Compliant Workplace
  • Video: The World’s Simplest MDM and MAM
  • Wilson Meany Turns their iPads into Productive Workplaces
  • Teamwork as It Should Be
Cortado Cloud - Website Intro

Take Off with an Instant MDM Solution

Edition 09/2017
  • One Click to Start: The Fastest & Easiest MDM Ever
  • iOS 11 Now Available: Why You Don’t Have to Wait for the Update
  • iPads to the Rescue: Mobility at Oldenburg Hospital
Teamplace Logo

How We’ll Rekindle Your Team Spirit

Edition 08/217
  • The Unique Online Project Platform Teamplace is Now a Part of Cortado Mobile Solutions
  • See Our Latest Innovations Live: VMworld , Las Vegas | MacSysAdmin, Gothenburg
  • Saved Time: datadirect Prepares Pitches Much Faster

iOS 11: Is Apple’s Files App Really Ready for Business?

Edition 07/2017
  • How to Make the iOS 11 Files App Really Ready for Business
  • Tip: How to Create Video Loops on iPhones, iPads and iPods
  • On Tour: From Las Vegas to Gothenburg, Sweden

iPhone 8 & iOS 11: The 8 Features on our Wish List

Edition 07/2017
  • 8 Wishes for the iPhone 8 and iOS 11
  • Desktop-Like File Access for your iPhone
  • Viva Las Vegas! See You at VMworld 2017
Cortado Server Officially Re-Certified by Google for Android for Work (Work Profile)

Why Android Devices ♥ Cortado

Edition 05/2017
  • A Strong Team: Cortado Mobile Solutions and Android for Enterprises
  • How Mobility Works at Cortado
  • How Primagas put Adobe Acrobat into a Container

Have you Heard of this Hidden iOS Feature?

Edition 04/2017
  • How To Find a Hidden iOS Feature
  • Sought and Found: Bansbach’s Solution for Mobile Work

Are Virus Scanners Necessary for your Smartphone?

Edition 03/2017
  • Do Smartphones Need Antivirus Protection?
  • How to Work Securely with Other Companies
  • The Living Room on an iPad – Dodenhof’s Mobile Furniture Planning
Add a tenant via the Cortado Management Console

New Cortado Feature Simplifies your Enterprise Mobility Management

Edition 02/2017
  • New: Cortado Multitenancy Simplifies your Enterprise Mobility
  • Are Apple Watch, Google Glass & Co. the Secret Stars in Businesses?
  • Webinar on Demand: Discover the Advantages of Multitenancy for Enterprise Mobility

WhatsApp in a Business Container?

Edition 01/2017
  • Is WhatsApp in a Business Container Possible?
  • Enterprise Mobility – What to Expect in 2017
  • Mobile Productivity at Messe Düsseldorf with Cortado Server


Edition 11/2016

What Android Variety Means for Business | Video: Integrate and Manage Smartphones & Tablets with Android for Work | Best Practice Trede & von Pein: Light iPads Instead of Heavy Folders

Edition 10/2016

3 Reasons Why Employees Use Dropbox and What You Can Do About It | Infographic: Can’t Print when Working On The Go? | Gelita AG Manages Enterprise Mobility with Cortado and Wins Best of VMworld Europe User Award 2016

Edition 09/2016

Secure Projects Get Started in Virtual Data Rooms | Demo: How to Print with iOS and Android | Cortado on Tour: VMworld Europe, Barcelona, October 17-20 | Case Study: Tax Consulting and Auditing Company secures Access to Confidential Information with Cortado Server

Edition 08/2016

New: Cortado Server 8.3 – Bringing Secure Collaboration Beyond Company Boundaries |
Video: Virtual Data Rooms

Edition 07/2016

Cortado Server Manages Microsoft Office Mobile for iOS | Video: How Apple’s Device Enrollment Program Works

Edition 06/2016

New Version: Cortado Server Accelerating iOS Device Deployment | White Paper: Apple’s Device Enrollment Program | COPE or BYOD? 3 Questions For The Best Mobile Strategy

Edition 05/2016

5 Native EMM Benefits You Need To Know | Which Mobile Operating System Do You Rely On? | Whitepaper: Integrate Android Devices Into Your Company’s IT

Edition 04/2016

Cortado Mobile Solutions is now an Official Android for Work Partner | Background Information, Tips and Insights with the Cortado Blog | Cortado Mobile Solutions wins BLI Buyers Lab Award

Edition 03/2016

New: Cortado Server 8.0 | First Steps with Android for Work | Mobile Printing In Any Situation

Edition 02/2016

Fact Check: Android for Work | Tech Article: The Top Five Reasons Native EMM Will Dominate 2016 | Survey Results: Does Android for Work Impact your Enterprise Mobility Concept

Edition 01/2016

Healthy IT: Mobile Strategies for the Healthcare Sector | Survey: Will Android for Work Impact your Enterprise Mobility Concept? | Case study: Zulekha Hospital Delivers Desktop-Independence for Healthcare Professionals


Edition 09/2015

Cortado Server connects Android devices with network printers | Uncovered: Hidden functions in Apple Mail | Coming soon: New features for Android and iOS

Edition 08/2015

New: World’s First Business App Market Opens | Cortado Mobile Solutions Awarded Trusted App Seal

Edition 07/2015

Android for Work & Cortado Server | Block Dropbox on iOS 9 | Working Easily with Windows Phone

Edition 06/2015

iOS 9 – Need-to-Know Business Features | White Paper: iOS App Management | Cortado on Tour: VMworld August 30 – September 3, 2015, San Francisco

Edition 05/2015

On-premises file sharing: the secure way to share files | Benchmark: Cortado again named Mobile Enterprise Leader | Video: Push e-mail accounts to iOS devices

Edition 04/2015

Now available: Your Universal Enterprise Mobility Management Tool | Feature Video: App Push with Cortado Server 7.4 | White paper: App Wrapping and SDKs

Edition 03/2015

Preview: Balance Your Enterprise Mobility Needs | Extra Secure Printing with iOS devices | Survey: File Sharing Wishes and Reality Far Apart

Edition 02/2015

4 Ways To Better iOS Enterprise Printing | Video: iOS Printing Made Easy | Douglas Brown Interview

Edition 01/2015

Discover Enterprise Mobility in Just a Few Clicks | Introducing Cortado Mobile Solutions | 100% Enterprise Mobility in this Newsletter