Active Directory-based managing of groups of mobile users

Maintain an overview – lower administration effort – increase security

For the integration of mobile devices into the enterprise, it is always advisable to take into account the existing Active Directory in place within the organization. This approach significantly reduces the hassle and the expense associated with implementing a mobility strategy. Almost all enterprise mobility management providers promise Active Directory integration with their solution, including “group management” features. With most solutions however, group management includes just importing the users and groups and nothing more.

The enterprise mobility management solution Cortado Server provides, however full Active Directory integration. Existing network resources and rights as defined in Active Directory, can also be used with mobile devices. This allows Cortado Server to offer a common and easy management of user groups and their rights. Neither a new system must be defined nor a second system managed for mobile devices.

See in this white paper just how easy Active Directory-based management of mobile user groups can be. We will show you in detail how to import and set up Active Directory groups and group templates. In addition you will learn step-by-step how to change the priority of group templates and subsequently apply or change group templates for previously imported users.

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