Android for Work: Integrate Android Devices into Your Enterprise IT

Integrating Android devices into the corporate IT used to pose a big challenge for the IT department. Existing security policies and a variety of models and versions made it virtually impossible to manage devices in a consistent manner.

With Google’s Android for Work (now called Android Enterprise), this changed fundamentally. Android devices from version 5.0 can be easily and securely incorporated into and managed by enterprise IT infrastructure.

Data security was the number one priority when Android for Work was introduced. The most important functions to date include the separation of business and private data, the encryption of data, the central distribution of device configurations (such as WLAN and e-mail profiles) and the implementation of policies on mobile devices.

This white paper shows how Android devices can be managed across the enterprise. The first part describes the difference between profile-based and complete device management. Their possible use-cases are also explained.

In the second part of the white paper, you will learn how to optimally exploit the potential of Android for Work (or Android Enterprise) with Cortado’s mobile device management solutions.

Content in the white paper:

  • Profile-based vs. complete management of Android devices
  • Manage work profiles on Android devices
  • Complete management of Android devices
  • Implementation with Cortado MDM or Cortado Server

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