Fast Enrollment

Easy Configuration and Rollout of iPhone, iPad & Android Devices

The introduction of mobile devices into companies is difficult. The larger the company is and the more mobile devices that need to be integrated, the longer the whole procedure takes. Many users are not able to set up their own device. This is then done by the IT department, so the user must often give his password – which for security reasons is not a viable solution.

Apple has tried to address the problem with its Device Enrollment Program, but the solution is limited. Cortado Server offers a convenient cross-platform device enrollment function, which greatly reduces the workload for administrators.

Linking the group management with the Fast Enrollment function from Cortado Server makes it possible to set up a large number of devices within a very short time and with minimum effort. The whole process works without requiring a user to share his data and only the following steps are necessary:

  • Select the user’s device
  • Scan a QR-code
  • Configure a MDM profile

A detailed guide can be found in this White Paper:

Download White Paper