Mobile Printing – The Key to Efficient, Mobile Working


  • Date: April 12, 2016
  • Duration: 30 minutes


Printing is and remains an important part of every company. With mobile devices gaining popularity, the question arises how documents edited on the go can also be printed on the go. Even if more and more information is accessed digitally, there are still many scenarios in which information needs to be on paper.

Our next webinar is dedicated to this question and will give you an understanding of how you are able to print while mobile. Find out too what exactly is hidden behind the term “mobile printing”. See how to make your employees more productive and efficient – without additional burden on the IT department and while remaining easy for the user.

Highlights will include

  • Why print still plays a major role
  • Flexible, mobile working including printing
  • Secure and user-authenticated printing (pull printing)
  • Optimize costs while increasing productivity
  • Live demo: How to print on the go

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