Set up Per App VPN and VPN on Demand (iOS)

With F5 BIG-IP APM und Cortado Server

A virtual private network (VPN) provides secure data transfer between enterprises and iOS devices. The VPN tunnel provides a connection between the remote devices (laptop, PC, smartphone, tablet) and the secure servers in the corporate network. So everything, without exception, that is transmitted between the remote devices and the enterprise server via the internet is encrypted.

Apple offers a variety of VPN variants especially tailored for the integration of mobile devices into the corporate IT. These include, for example, Per App VPN and VPN on Demand. Both VPN variants are best suited to businesses in which the mobile devices are the property of the employee, and are thus only partially used for professional purposes (BYOD).
With Per App VPN you can determine which apps have to use a VPN for data transfer. Ultimately, this can prevent unwanted data infiltrating the business network from apps that have been classified as unsafe.

VPN rules are created for VPN On-Demand use. So, for example, it can be determined in advance which web domains use the VPN when the mobile device is no longer connected to an internal network. Similarly, it can be specified that a VPN is required for all network operations when an unfamiliar wireless network or a mobile data connection (3G) is detected.

As for all Apple business features, in order to use Per App VPN and VPN on Demand, companies need an enterprise mobility solution that allows this function to be realized on a device. The partnership between F5 Networks® and the enterprise mobility solution Cortado Server from Cortado Mobile Solutions GmbH, which has been in place since 2014, makes this possible. With F5 Networks®, a virtual server can be set up that mobile devices can connect to; these devices are managed by Cortado Server.

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