Enterprise File Sharing (EFS)

Secure enterprise file sharing (EFS) is the basis of many business processes. Cortado provides the leading solution in this area. It enables employees easy, secure file access and exchange with any device. When collaborating with external colleagues, virtual data rooms are available – fully secure behind the corporate firewall.

Enterprise File Sharing (EFS): Secure access to business files with any device

Easy Enterprise File Access from Any Device

Access to files is the first step to file sharing. With its apps for iPhone, iPad and Android, as well as its web app, Cortado offers state-of-the-art tools in this area. In addition, documents remain where they were before the implementation of Cortado – on the company’s central file server. Employees can access all existing documents, while all rights and compliance rules are fully adhered to. This allows documents to be easily shared with employees in the back office.

Maximum Productivity in the Secure Business Container

Only the combination of file access with apps like Microsoft Office or email deliver true mobile productivity. With app management by Cortado, the required apps are easily embedded and made available in a secure business container. Employees have access to all relevant apps while the company retains full control over data. Comprehensive printing support adds to the range of features designed for professional file handling.

Enterprise File Sharing (EFS): Print files with any device

Enterprise File Sharing (EFS): Virtual Data Rooms for secure file sharing with externals

Virtual Data Rooms: Secure File Sharing Beyond Company Boundaries

Whether working together on a project, ensuring documents are available for the board or when collaborating together with external colleagues like freelancers – the question often comes up of how to securely share documents. Access to the company’s own server by external colleagues is often undesirable. Moving data to the cloud is also unsuitable. Cortado’s virtual data rooms offer the ideal solution here. Completely on-premises, they provide external colleagues easy access to shared project rooms while ensuring the company benefits from the highest levels of security. More about Cortado’s Virtual Data Rooms »

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