Mobile Printing with Android & iOS in Your Company

Cortado Corporate Server provides comprehensive printing support for Android and iOS. No matter which app, which printer or at which location – Cortado Corporate Server has the right print option for every situation.

Mobile Printing: Network Printer List on Android and iOS

Easy Network Printing

Use any network printer
Whether using an iPad, iPhone or Android device – with Cortado Corporate Server, employees use the familiar print function to print to network printers in the company. In doing so, each user can choose from the same printers available to him on his desktop computer. Settings like the number of copies, page range, color/black and white, and Duplex can also be selected right in the print dialog box.

Print from any app, anywhere
Cortado users print e-mails directly from the e-mail app, websites directly from the browser, and files from any other app with print function. Files from applications without a print option can be shared easily with the Cortado app and sent from there to the nearest network printer. And it doesn’t matter where the user is located. Thus, a printout can be launched from outside the company.

Secure Printing
The network printers are assigned using the existing Active Directory rights. As a result, employees using their mobile devices can choose from only those printers that are also available to them on the desktop. All print jobs are created in the company behind the secure firewall. SSL encryption provides maximum security of the print data on its way from the mobile device to the printer.

Confidential Printing


Prevent confidential printouts from falling into the wrong hands. With the integrated Personal Printing technology, it is possible to require the scanning of a QR code at the network printer with a smartphone or tablet before allowing the printout to proceed, keeping your documents secure.

On-the-Fly Wi-Fi Printing


Have you ever left a ticket lying on your desk? Do you need a contract signed while at an on-site meeting? In many situations being able to print to the nearest printer on the fly is necessary, whether at the client’s office or in the hotel lobby. Cortado Corporate Server gives you this with Wi-Fi Printing.

Universal Printing via E-Mail


E-mail provides the universal print option. In the process, the user simply sends the desired document as an attachment to an e-mail address assigned to the printer. This method works even if the file in question is located inside a completely sealed off business container.

All Features At A Glance

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