Referral Program

Recommend and Earn!

Recommend our solution to business partners, customers, or prospects and receive 75 USD for each successful referral! The user you refer will also receive a 10% discount towards their first invoice.

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This is how it works


Send invitation

Once you have completed your Cortado MDM booking, you will receive an email from us with a referral code that you can send to your network.


Wait for registrations

When a person they refer books the service and enters their referral code, that customer receives a 10% discount on their first payment.


Credit received

You will then receive an e-mail from us informing you of your successful referral, as well as the credit of 75 USD on your next invoice.

Frequently asked questions

Who can participate in the referral program?

Currently, all Cortado customers who have newly registered their MDM account after the launch of the referral program are eligible to participate. Employees of Cortado Holding and its subsidiaries are excluded from participation.

Where can I find the referral code?

Customers will receive the referral code after confirmation of their booking of one of our paid MDM plans.

Where is the referral code entered?

The referral code is entered by the referred prospective customer in the “Referral code” field provided when starting the Cortado MDM test phase.

When will I receive the credit for a customer I have referred?

You will receive the credit for a customer you have referred when they input your referral code when registering for Cortado MDM, and after they switch from the trial phase to a paid account. We will inform you by email once such occurs and charge the credit to their next Cortado invoice.

How often can I receive a credit?

Your referral code is valid for up to ten referred customers, so you can receive the credit up to ten times.

How long is my referral code valid?

Your referral code is valid for three months (90 days). After that, it loses its validity even if the code has already been entered while registering for the Cortado MDM trial phase, but no plan has been activated.

Is the credit/discount given regardless of the chosen rate of the referred customer?

Yes, both for the calculation of the credit for you as an advertiser and also towards the discount of the newly referred customer, as it is irrelevant which Cortado MDM plan is chosen.

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