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Everything you need to secure, manage and monitor iPhones, iPads and Android devices in your organization.

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Cortado MDM – Your Management Center for Mobile Devices

Set up and secure smartphones and tablets in no time at all. Regardless of whether it’s an organization’s own or a private device – with Cortado MDM, you’re ready to go right away and can manage mobile devices easily and securely via your central MDM console.

Fastest Onboarding

Just sign up and you’re ready to start. Templates for BYOD, COPE, kiosk mode and other deployment methods help you to set up mobile device management within minutes.


Cortado MDM is designed to deliver compliance with the world’s toughest privacy challenges like SCC, HIPAA, CCPA and GDPR.

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Set up smartphones and tablets from your central MDM console and conveniently control settings, apps, and updates remotely.


Group templates let you configure and manage MDM settings for entire groups of users. Users can be added manually or imported from the Windows Active Directory.


Share apps from public app stores or self-developed apps. Simply make your curated apps available in your own  app store or push apps to devices with a few clicks.


Help keep sensitive data secure. If devices are used for business and private purposes, Cortado MDM ensures the strict separation of both data sets.


Make configurations for email, Wi-Fi and VPN settings in one central place and transfer the profiles and updates to the devices at the touch of a button.


Block access to device features, such as camera, Wi-Fi, or Bluetooth, and prevent app store access or file downloads according to your security policies.

Lost Mode

If a device is lost, you can lock it remotely to prevent unauthorized access. You can also remotely wipe data and locate the device.


Get all the tools you need to operate smartphones and tablets in compliance with HIPAA, SCC, CCPA, EU-GDPR and other privacy regulations.

Use Android and iOS Devices as You Like

With Cortado MDM, you remain flexible with your choice of devices. Our solution integrates seamlessly with Google and Apple’s own device management features, offering greater convenience and security.

Android Management

Streamline device setup using Android zero-touch. Android Enterprise features let you fully manage company-owned devices or activate a work profile to easily manage business apps and separate data from the user’s private space, for example as part of a BYOD program.

iOS Management

Apple Business Manager, Apple School Manager and Automated Device Enrollment: Cortado MDM works seamlessly with all of Apple’s solutions for device management. If personal devices are used, data separation keeps sensitive data safe and under control.

Managed iPhone and Android smartphone


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Cortado MDM Admin

What's New: Latest Cortado MDM Feature Releases

A new update for Cortado MDM has arrived, and this time it brings improvements to the Cortado apps and a new end-user portal. Here’s a summary of the most exciting changes.


BYOD with Maximum Protection for Privacy and Corporate Data

Business apps, especially email, on private smartphones and tablets are on the rise. With Cortado MDM, we provide you with the ideal solution for securing devices and data. And since BYOD can only be successful if it has the confidence of end users, we’ve put privacy, transparency and user-friendliness at the heart of our solution.

Doctor with tablet in hospital hallway

HIPAA Compliance for Smartphones & Tablets

Smartphones and tablets are becoming an increasingly important part of the everyday work in hospitals, medical practices and other healthcare facilities. Healthcare organizations face the challenge of securing and protecting the personal health information (PHI) they process in a HIPAA-compliant manner. Learn more about HIPAA compliance and why Cortado MDM is the ideal mobile device management solution for your HIPAA-covered organization.


The Beginner's Guide to Mobile Device Management

This guide is intended to advise those who are considering introducing a Mobile Device Management system in their company. See how you can ensure security, transparency and control with MDM when smartphones and tablets are being used in the company. We demonstrate not only how uncomplicated MDM systems are but also the great range of advantages that it brings.

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Apple Business Manager: Everything You Need to Know

Apple Business Manager is a web-based portal available to use in around 65 countries worldwide. It helps IT administrators to automate deployment of iOS/iPadOS, macOS and tvOS devices in organizations, manage roles in organizations and enables the large-scale purchasing and distribution of books or apps. We look at its key features and have a couple tips to help you get started.

Android device with Android Work profile

Android Work Profile: How to Set It Up and Why

The Android work profile clearly marks off which areas of the employee’s device are managed and which are not. With a recognizable blue suitcase next to each managed work app, it provides the clearest form of division between work and personal information. Learn more about the benefits and how it works.

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