Mobile Content Manager

Central file management for mobile devices with maximum security for businesses and efficiency for teams.

The Mobile Content Manager makes central management and distribution of files on mobile devices effortless. With this powerful tool, administrators can seamlessly provide and update content, while always ensuring the security of corporate data.

Mobile Content Manager is seamlessly integrated into Cortado MDM and included in the Pro and Enterprise plans. Plans & Pricing →

Mobile Content Manager: File access with smartphone

Dynamic Distribution and Management of Files

Administrators have full control over the distribution of files, with the ability to adjust or revoke access as needed. Enable specific user groups or individual users access to critical business files, anytime and anywhere. For adjustments, replace or update files with just a few clicks to ensure that your team always has access to the latest information.

Protected Data and Reliable Compliance

With the Mobile Content Manager, sensitive company data remains secure within a protected business container. Files are made available in a specially designated folder in the Cortado app and can only be opened and edited within managed applications. Additionally, the Mobile Content Manager helps companies meet compliance requirements by enabling adherence to legal regulations and internal policies through precise control over data distribution and usage.

Mobile Content Manager: Corporate file provisioning on smartphone

Clear Separation of Business and Personal Files

When devices are used for both business and personal purposes in BYOD and COPE models, the Mobile Content Manager provides an efficient solution for data separation. By purposefully organizing files within the Cortado app, the tool ensures a clear distinction between business and personal data, facilitating secure handling of corporate information while simultaneously offering maximum flexibility for users.

Benefits with Mobile Content Manager at a Glance

Seamless Integration

Thanks to the integration into our Mobile Device Management solution, you can manage files in alignment with profiles, apps and policies.

Mobile File Access

Employees always have access to the latest files and information on the go with their smartphones and tablets.


Organizations meet legal and internal requirements through controlled document and file access.

Secure Data

Encrypted transmission and storage of data protect against unauthorized access and misuse.


The clear separation of business and personal data provides ideal support for BYOD and COPE models.


All users have access to the latest document versions, enhancing organizational unity and collaboration.

Less Time Required

The centralized distribution and management of files save time and reduce the risk of manual errors.

Rapid Updates

Companies can quickly respond to changes and distribute new information at the push of a button.

Reduction of Paperwork

Distributing digital documents instead of printed ones saves costs and is environmentally friendly.

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