250 (Smartphones) in One Swipe 

infoteam Software

With Cortado MDM, infoteam Software put 250 mobile devices into operation in one single step 

The infoteam Software Group has been implementing software solutions for its customers in the industry, infrastructure, life sciences, and public sector markets for 40 years. The company employs more than 300 people and has locations and subsidiaries in Germany, Czechia, Switzerland, and Greece. The headquarters of the parent company infoteam Software AG are located close to the German city of Nuremberg. 

At the end of 2019, employees were to be enabled to work even more conveniently on the go. Also given the covid crisis, this decision was a sensible one to make. The 250 or so devices at the time were to be put into operation in one swipe. It was clear that the company needed an MDM solution to manage mobile devices securely and in compliance with data protection regulations. While many solutions were tested, in the end, the company decided on Cortado MDM. 

“Cortado was particularly impressive because of the usability of the portal, it’s very appealing and clearly designed,” says IT administrator Moritz Hilburger. Essentially, all employees at infoteam work with mobile devices. If they wish, they can also use their private device for work in secure BYOD mode, or be given a company mobile device. 

 The company now manages a total of 310 devices via the Cortado console. Most of the devices are Android, with about 50 iOS devices in BYOD mode. The mobile devices are used primarily for 2-factor authentication, calls, meetings, and typical office uses. Moritz Hilburger continues “Everything runs smoothly. We actually have very little administrative workload since everything is so easy to handle.”