Bank of Córdoba Saves Costs with Simplified IT Administration

Case Study: Banco de Córdoba S.A.

The Mission: 

Enable Sales Representatives to access the corporate network quickly and easily while on the go.

The Solution: 

With Cortado Server employees can access files on the corporate network directly from the BlackBerry. As a result, they have access to the latest information. Documents, such as contracts, can be printed locally and completed.

The Result: 

Increased efficiency at work and flexibility due to independence from laptops. By accessing the corporate network from any location, waiting times can be optimally used and productivity is greatly increased. By simplifying IT administration, costs can be saved.

The fact that it’s possible to use all of these functions with the BlackBerry smartphone came as a surprise to us. Cortado is just what we need!


  • Industry: Financial Sector
  • Solution: Cortado Server
  • Hardware: BlackBerry smartphones
  • Environment: BlackBerry Enterprise Server, Microsoft Exchange Server

Download Case Study (PDF)