Hospital Employees Become Independent from Local Workspaces

Hospital Employees Become Independent from Local Workspaces

Case Study: Zulekha Hospital L.L.C.

The Mission: 

Hospital staff accessing the corporate network were bound to offices or using a connection via Microsoft Terminal Services or Citrix. Faxing and printing were only possible from the office via the local network. The goal was to allow employees become independent from the hospital’s local LAN network and access data located on the corporate network from all locations.

The Solution: 

Cortado Server transforms the smartphone into a mobile office.

The Result:

Increased productivity as employees now working from remote workplaces have access to all information. Significant cost savings in IT administration and improved teamwork are just some of the benefits.


  • Industry: Medical Services
  • Solution: Cortado Server
  • Hardware: iPhones, BlackBerry smartphones

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