Mobile Care at German Care Group

Sozialarbeiterin mit Laptop mit zweiter Person

German care group Lebenshilfe Peine-Burgdorf manages its smartphones thanks to Cortado MDM

Nearly 700 employees, 1,700 places for people with and without disabilities, and 29 locations spread across the German state of Lower Saxony. Just three of Lebenshilfe Peine-Burgdorf’s key figures. The care group offers people support, from birth to counseling and assistance in early years until end-of-life care, which is how Carsten Rak, IT manager outlines his institution’s field of activity. There are outpatient services, residential facilities, the placement of workers with companies, accompanying parenting, a family help service, school assistance, several daycare centers, and counseling for the last phase of life, to name just a few concrete examples.

The challenges facing the IT team, which consists of just four people, are just as varied as the employees’ areas of responsibility. Carsten Rak started at the organization about eleven years ago. At that time, digitization had not yet become such an important topic. In the meantime, Wi-Fi is available at all 29 locations, and 420 employees are equipped with computers and provided with relevant support. While there were about 95 phones in use before covid, that number has risen to 160 smartphones, fueled in part by the changes brought on by covid.

“We didn’t have MDM in place before covid,” recalls Carsten Rak. “There was only email synchronization on the existing devices.”

As the number of devices increased, it was clear that an MDM solution was needed to keep devices up-to-date and to ensure data protection. Carsten Rak became aware of Cortado MDM through a recommendation from another care group, which was already using Cortado and was satisfied. “We then compared and tested several products,” he said. At Lebenshilfe Peine-Burgdorf, too, the choice ultimately was made for Cortado MDM. Only dual SIM Samsung A 51 / A 52 smartphones are used. If desired, employees can also equip and use the devices with their private SIM. Standard apps such as email programs, the Samsung calendar, the Signal messenger service, Word and Excel are used and rolled out via Cortado MDM. Roughly speaking, Rak says, smartphones are used for communication. The data protection officer is very satisfied with the overall solution, he said. Tablets with educational software and game apps are likely to be purchased in 2022.

Carsten Rak sums up,

We’re satisfied with the Cortado solution. It has everything we require.

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