Smartphones Driving Digitalization in the Truck Cab

LKW der Spedition Bork

The transport and logistics company Spedition Bork improves its workflows with Caterpillar Rugged smartphones and the Habbl and Fleetboard software solutions, all managed by Cortado MDM.

550 permanent employees, almost 300 tractor units, and more than 550 trailers: these are just three impressive key figures from Spedition Bork, which specializes in transport and logistics services. The company is always looking for and finding ways to improve work processes and thus also the services it provides to its customers.

In 2020, the company decided to equip its 400 or so drivers with high-performance smartphones. Whereas the drivers had previously worked with old cell phones that could only be used to make phone calls, they were now to be given access to apps specialized in the logistics industry. These included the process handling workflow software Habbl and the telematics services for fleet management Fleetboard, all as part of ongoing digitization in the company.

First, the IT department started looking for suitable rugged smartphones. The company decided in favor of the CAT S42 Android smartphones from Caterpillar. These devices are ideal for professional use. According to IT manager Kevin Klein, they can come into contact with water, lye, and acid and can withstand falls from a height of 4 meters onto concrete floors. The unit price was about 200 euros per device.

A Mobile Device Management System Was Needed

After deciding on the devices, the IT department faced the task of selecting a suitable mobile device management (MDM) system. Various systems were then evaluated. The choice was made in favor of Cortado MDM. Kevin Klein, IT Manager, explains the reasons for the decision.

Cortado MDM is intuitive to use and can do everything we need. Other systems had to be evaluated first. We looked at everything, and at the end of the day, we liked Cortado the best.

After a test setup, Cortado MDM was used to roll out 450 devices within one day. Two IT employees were assigned to this task.  IT employee Timon Daniel, who was involved in the rollout, recalls: “There were few difficulties. It was quite simple and sleek, just a few little things here and there to take care of.”

The drivers were taught how to use the devices and apps in several large groups. Here, the added value of the new features was also demonstrated. Timon Daniel: “On the whole, it was positively received by the drivers.”

On the Safe Side and Improved Overview with Company Devices in Kiosk Mode

The devices are purely corporate owned. Private use is not planned. To be on the safe side, also concerning data protection regulations, says Kevin Klein, the devices are set up in kiosk mode. In addition to the Habbl and Fleetboard apps, employees can also use apps such as the browser or the flashlight. However, it is not possible to install other apps.

Using the Habbl app, for example, provides a better, up-to-date overview of work processes. The drivers announce to the customer via an app when they will arrive on-site, confirm in the app when they have completed delivery, or report when there are difficulties. In simple terms, the drivers document every single step of the process. Customers can follow the status of the transport via the live tracking. This eliminates the need for telephone inquiries, saves time, and increases customer satisfaction.

The Bork employees responsible have an overview of all vehicles on large screens in the dispatching department and can see which time slots cannot be met due to traffic jams or other incidents. Information about the exact delivery times or delays ensures greater satisfaction among the relevant customers.

By using the Fleetboard Driver app on smartphones, Mr. Klein said, important performance data can be read out, giving drivers insight into possible areas for improvement. You can read out fuel consumption, driving behavior and have a better overview of wear and tear and accidents.

Drivers are given a score between 1 and 10 by the system, giving them an indication of how they can improve their performance. And if each driver uses one liter less fuel as a result of his or her driving style, this represents an enormous savings potential for the entire fleet.

Conclusion of the Freight Forwarder

We are very satisfied with Cortado MDM. It works as it should. And that is always the best thing for IT,

sums up Kevin Klein.

Another positive aspect is that the Cortado team is very open to requests. For example, the Bork team had requested that the device name be taken from the phone number. Cortado actually implemented this request in one of the upcoming versions. Kevin Klein: “That worked well.” A future project is to integrate the iPhones of the management level into the Cortado MDM. Up until now, these devices have been managed individually.

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