State Water Supply Reduces Travel Times and Costs

MDM for State Water Supply Company - Case Study

Case Study: National Water and Sewerage Corporation Uganda

The Mission: 

For the maintenance of the water supply system, responsible engineers spend time on the road and require access to technical guides, graphics and spreadsheets as well as the possibility to print these files to have in paper.

The Solution: 

With Cortado Server twenty employees access the required files on the corporate network with their Apple iPhone or BlackBerry smartphone. If a printout is required, they can use either a printer or send the document to a fax machine. Attachments received via e-mail are stored in a public folder as needed.

The Result

Engineers have all the information they need for their work when on the go. Productivity is increased, travel times reduced and costs lowered.


  • Industry: Water Utility
  • Solution: Cortado Server
  • Hardware: iPhones, BlackBerry Smartphones

Download Case Study (PDF)