Top Marks for Cortado MDM  

Tablets im Unterricht

Veledes, a Swiss education provider for the food-retail industry, manages 300 educational tablets at eight locations thanks to Cortado MDM. 

Veledes is an education provider specializing in the food trade. It offers courses in basic and advanced training for the industry at eight locations throughout Switzerland. Currently more than twenty instructors teach around 4,500 participants in over 280 classes.  

For some time now, students have been using tablets in the classroom for tests and learning. According to IT project manager Santosh Nussholz, it was impossible to update and set up apps for 300 tablets, at separate locations without an MDM system.  

For the first step, the education experts opted for a system from a major vendor. Unfortunately, this turned out to be a poor decision. Unannounced operating system updates or updates during ongoing teaching operations made lessons difficult or even impossible. MDM updates performed by the MDM system while the devices were being set up undid the work that had been done, and the tablets had to be reset to factory settings. And Santosh Nussholz was also dissatisfied with the support.  

So, Santosh Nussholz, a media specialist, decided to replace the system with Cortado MDM, which he had already looked at during the initial selection phase. Cortado offered a clear management portal that was systematically structured. After deciding upon Cortado, everything was fast-tracked. And as Santosh Nussholz says, “It’s been up and running ever since.”  

Three hundred tablets – 270 from Lenovo, and 30 Samsung devices – have been managed with the solution from Cortado Mobile Solutions since mid-2022.  

The devices are run in kiosk mode, meaning that students can only use the apps predefined by Veledes. These include the beeok exam software with eTesting and digital workbooks from the company Ionesoft, Teamviewer, and Keyboard Designer, a fully adjustable keyboard.  

Santosh Nussholz summarized by saying, “We’re completely satisfied.”