Cortado Server: Essential for your E-Health Strategy

More time for patients and care thanks to smartphones & tablets

Optimize healthcare processes with Cortado Server – the only solution to combine mobile device and application management in the healthcare sector with unique features for mobile file handling and file sharing.

The enterprise mobility solution for secure productivity in the healthcare industry


Mobile file access

Access patient data digitally from any device – Cortado Server offers you a secure, complete solution meeting all challenges when it comes to mobile file handling.


Efficient file handling

With numerous features for working on the go, employees remain productive even when out of the office. This also includes printing from mobile devices.


Use all apps

Whether apps created individually for your organization or general apps available directly from the app store – all apps with which your healthcare professionals work with are managed and distributed.


Process optimization

Optimize collaboration between individual employees and among various departments. With Cortado Server, employees have anytime, anywhere access to your HIS & more.


Cost optimization

Cortado Server securely integrates mobile devices into existing structures and optimally supports healthcare professionals to deliver the best levels of care.



Cortado Server offers optimal protection for patient data. Complete or selective deletion of data can be undertaken if a device is lost or stolen.

Easy, Secure Enterprise File Sharing

In this video, we’ll show you how to securely share files with Cortado Server. In relation to security, it should be mentioned that end-to-end encryption is used. Your data server is located behind a firewall and the proxy server is additionally protected by a firewall.
For more information, please also download the following white paper.

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Optimize processes, gain more time for patients and care

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