Cortado MDM: Protecting Privacy for Improving Business Processes

May 3, 2021

Cortado BYOD App

The new Cortado BYOD app enables the professional use of smartphones and tablets with maximum privacy protection.   

(BERLIN/DENVER, May 3, 2021) MDM expert Cortado Mobile Solutions has released a BYOD app for smartphones and tablets. The Cortado BYOD app enables the professional use of privately-owned mobile devices without compromising the user’s privacy. Users of self-owned devices have full control over their private files and an overview of which areas and data their employer can and can’t access.   

Until now, BYOD concepts have often failed due to a lack of trust on behalf of employees. Too great were the concerns that their employer could access their private files and areas on their devices. On the other hand, it is convenient and productive to use a favorite mobile device for work tasks.   

The Cortado BYOD app eliminates this dilemma. It ensures that employees retain full control over the private areas on their devices.   

It begins already when users set up their devices. They do not have to entrust their device to an administrator. After downloading the app, users simply scan a QR code to start a quick and easy registration process. Within just a few minutes and clicks, the devices have the necessary configuration they need to be managed securely.  

Users can then manage their own apps, remotely wipe data in case of device loss, and much more. One example of a useful feature is manual server synchronization. This checks the compliance status of the device. A red traffic light indicates, for example, when updates are needed or when an essential app is not installed.  

In the “Business Apps” tab, users can view their own company’s app store, i.e., all apps that their organization has assigned to them. The apps are divided into two groups: mandatory apps and optional. Users can install and uninstall their apps on their own and have an instant overview of all managed apps on the device. This last point is especially useful for iOS devices, where managed apps are not easily visible to users.  

For private devices used as part of a BYOD program, the app sets up a separate work profile. This ensures strict separation of private and work activities. Business data and apps are kept under the organization’s control, while private data and apps are hidden and inaccessible to the administrator. 

“Cortado MDM with the new Cortado BYOD app kills two birds with one stone, employees see directly in the system that their private data is protected, and that the employer has no access to it. This generates the necessary trust to use private devices for business purposes,” says Sven Huschke, CEO of Cortado Mobile Solutions. “At the same time, any clandestine use of corporate data on unsecured private devices is prevented.”   

The Cortado BYOD app is available in the Apple App Store, and for Android devices in Google’s Play store. A free trial subscription for Cortado MDM is available on the vendor’s site.   

An outline BYOD contract can be found in the download area of the Cortado website if required.