The Apple Device Enrollment Program

Integrate iOS devices into your company‘s IT

With Device Enrollment Program, Apple is taking one more step to firmly establish iOS devices in the corporate environment. The Volume Purchase Program (VPP), which gives businesses the opportunity to purchase apps in bulk and distribute them onto the devices, is now backed up by the DEP to simplify the implementation and configuration of the devices.

The Cortado Server EMM solution supports Apple’s DEP, just as it does the VPP, and, in addition, offers a variety of ways to support and manage the devices.

Security and user-friendliness are the principal elements of the Device Enrollment Program.

After being purchased, the devices can be passed directly to the users, and no longer need to go through the hands of the administrator. Configuration via cable connection is no longer required. The users can configure the devices themselves in just a few steps. In the DEP profile, you can specify which setup steps can simply be skipped over for the user.

Additionally, during the pre-configuration on the MDM server, with the DEP the supervised mode can be wirelessly enabled on the device. The connection to the MDM is automatic. The MDM profile can be rolled out without any user interaction, and (if desired) is not able to be deleted. Even if the device is stolen and wiped by a third party then, provided the DEP profile is set, the device can’t be reconfigured. Only the DEP profile can be reloaded.

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