Apple User Enrollment for BYOD

With iOS 13, companies have new possibilities for the BYOD integration of mobile devices. BYOD (Bring-Your-Own-Device) describes the additional business integration of private smartphones in companies. Until now, there were no really suitable mechanisms to implement this for iPhones and iPads. This will change with User Enrollment (You can read an introduction about User Enrollment in the Cortado Blog: What is Apple User Enrollment for iOS 13?).

In this whitepaper, you will learn about all the changes in detail, including:

  • Which policies, commands and profile settings IT admins can implement with User Enrollment
  • Which management options will no longer be possible for Apple BYOD in the future

This white paper is intended primarily for IT admins and organizations who want to quickly learn about the changes to iOS-based management of BYOD devices. However, it is also relevant for end users (i.e. employees) as it explains to what extent a company can manage and monitor their personal Apple smartphone or tablet with MDM. It makes clear that Apple’s User Enrollment protects the end user’s privacy while easily meeting the company’s various management, security and productivity requirements.

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