The Beginner’s Guide to Mobile Device Management

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White Paper

This white paper is aimed at newcomers to the topic of MDM and is intended to advise those who are considering introducing a Mobile Device Management system in their company. IT managers can see how they can ensure security, transparency and control with MDM when smartphones and tablets are being used in the company. The white paper also aims to defuse concerns related to the implementation of MDM itself. In doing so we hope to demonstrate not only how uncomplicated MDM systems are but also the great range of advantages that MDM brings.

Table of Contents:

  • The Challenges of the Modern Workplace
  • What is Mobile Device Management?
  • Why is Mobile Device Management important?
  • Who needs an MDM solution?
  • What are the minimum requirements for every MDM system?
  • Data Protection, Security & Compliance with MDM
  • How Mobile Device Management with Cortado MDM works

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