Introducing a Successful BYOD or COPE Strategy

April 23, 2020

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We Share Our Experiences

Introducing BYOD (Bring Your Own Device) is a great way for organizations to respond to the growing necessity of mobile and remote working. The same applies for organizations which decide to distribute corporately owned devices to their employees (i.e. Corporately Owned Privately Enabled): both enable workers to stay connected when not at their office desks.

Once you’re convinced that mobile devices should play a key role, it’s time to think about their implementation.

This doesn’t just mean finding a suitable mobile device management solution, but involves thinking about how to effectively introduce the right BYOD / COPE scheme which works best for both you and your employees.

In this free document, we share our experiences on what separates a successful device management scheme with high employee uptake, from poorly planned schemes which fail or are unnecessarily restrictive.

✓ Choosing between BYOD or COPE
✓ How to create a BYOD scheme and fair use policy which is popular
✓ Legal considerations to clarify before introducing BYOD / COPE
✓ Our own experiences with device management which helped to increase productivity with our employees

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