How To Set Up A Secure iOS Business Container

All about managed apps, managed domains, per app VPN, and other iOS management features

When iOS devices are used for business, setting up a secure business container is recommended.

As of iOS 7 it has been possible to build a native business container and thus greatly increase the security of data used within the business. A basic requirement is Mobile Device Management that can manage applications with iOS business features.

With the MDM solution from Cortado, you can make your users’ apps (managed apps) available in a secure business container.

If a device be lost, the managed apps and the documents stored there can be wiped from the device. As of iOS, 8 this secure native app container can be extended to managed domains. If a document is downloaded from such a domain, it can be opened with “Open in” in the secure business container.

The business container is secured by means of the VPN client integrated into Apple devices since iOS 9. Using the Cortado MDM solution, it’s a simple matter to set up a VPN profile that links the managed apps and domains with a “Per App VPN”.

The result is a flexible business container, which consists of managed apps and managed (Safari) domains that are also linked with a secure VPN.

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