Mobile Application Management (MAM) for Android

Whitepaper-Android App Management

How to Guarantee Security and Productivity for Android Devices in Business Use

When looking back at the history of the cell phone, and specifically its transformation into the smartphone, it was apps that acted as the catalyst. The prevalence of these amazing tools on mobiles revolutionized the industry.

For companies around the globe, the integration, management and use of smartphones running Android OS leverages enormous benefits. However, this doesn’t come about without overcoming multiple security risks along the way. Most mobile employees are not aware of the incalculable security risks posed by apps. While working, most are too busy to ponder over all the sensitive corporate information that may be stored on their phone in one form or another. On unregulated smartphones, corporate data can be opened with an unmanaged application and shared easily with other unsecure apps. In many companies, carefree user behavior results in uncontrolled data outflows.

It is a complex predicament. But mobile platforms such as Android, having been aware of this for some time, now offer the toolbox for comprehensive app management at an operating system level. The crucial step towards effective security is the division and separation of data belonging to personal and workplace spheres. Without this step, data protection cannot be guaranteed.
In this document, we show how Cortado MDM leverages Android Enterprise features to drive productive and risk-free end-user computing environments. Learn how mobile application management will secure your sensitive corporate data with minimal investments. Specific topics included are:

• What is mobile application management (MAM) and what benefits are to be gained?
• How to separate business data from private user data with app management
• The prerequisites for native mobile application management and why it is so important

From the outset, Cortado Mobile Solutions based the development of Cortado MDM on user acceptance and support for Android’s native functions. Cortado MDM easily transforms Android devices into productive work tools – no complicated setup, operation, administration, and software solutions from third party providers are necessary. Discover how by downloading this free enterprise mobility white paper and reading on.

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