Essentials For The Modern Workplace: Best Business Apps

Basics für den modernen Arbeitsplatz

On-Demand Web Session

Portable smartphones, tablets and laptops synergize amazingly with cloud-based software. With these components, we can work securely from anywhere, with any device, and still access all the resources we need, like documents, apps, emails and even remote printers.

And as recent developments have shown, having the ability to transition smoothly to the reality of today’s dynamic workplace is more important than ever.

In this web session we introduce three barrier-breaking cloud solutions: Cortado MDM, ezeep and Teamplace. With this trio of mobile device management, printer management and remote collaboration, we provide you with the essentials for the modern workplace to free you from your desk.

With product demos of each solution, we show the easiest ways to:

✓ Manage all mobile devices and apps securely over the cloud

✓ Make printers available to everyone, from anywhere, with any device

✓ Provide free and GDPR-compliant file storage, remote collaboration and filesharing from a single platform


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