VPN with iOS


Which type of virtual private network is best for you?

Situation: Mobile devices pose a challenge to the traditional VPN model
The virtual private network is still regarded as the safest and most viable data communication solution for business and for the end user. The traditional VPN, however, is very task-specific. Employees working away from the company premises make a connection from their laptops or PCs to the corporate network, to edit documents. The connection is closed after the documents have been accessed. But with the increasing incursion of smartphones and tablets into the business world, along with changing user behavior, in many cases, the default VPN is no longer up to the task.

Problem: The adaptation of VPNs onto Smartphones/Tablets is complicated by many variables
Depending on your security requirements and usage patterns, you may have questions like these, with regard to virtual private networks: “I offer BYOD, so how can I ensure that only the business apps use the VPN connection? Or:“How can I guarantee that any data communication that is sent from the mobile device will go through the VPN?” Or: “If it’s only the VPN server that makes the final decision which website or app is allowed through the tunnel, how do we know that the device will handle it?” Along with security requirements and usage patterns, the technical requirements also need to be controlled.

Solution: Finding the right Virtual Private Network with iOS
With iOS, you have several options for finding the right VPN to suit your business. Since iOS 7, Apple has offered its customers an integrated VPN client. And with iOS 9, the range of natively supported VPN appliances was significantly expanded. This means that a third-party VPN supplier is no longer needed, for example, to take advantage of PER APP VPN or VPN ON-DEMAND. Thus, your security needs can be comprehensively satisfied and the anticipated user behavior of employees covered. As a business, you have the advantage that, with iOS, the device and operating system are united, and therefore easier to manage. But iOS is not the complete answer. Of additional importance, is an appropriate enterprise mobility solution that supports a diverse variety of VPNs.

The bottom line: VPN, Cortado Server and iOS: the perfect security trio
Thanks to a perfect mix that comprises the Cortado Server enterprise mobility solution, with iOS 9 and a matching VPN, there are no further obstacles in the way of secure and successful implementation for your enterprise mobility. From now on, your employees can work securely and productively, and you will have established a firm foundation for your mobile business.

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