Mobile Device Management (MDM)

Discover efficient mobile device management (MDM). Get the MDM solution for easy, secure, and productive integration of mobile devices into the enterprise.

Cortado is characterized by its sleek and productive approach to MDM. Mobile devices are easily managed and become highly productive. This is due to three essential elements:

  • Integration into the existing Active Directory allows the direct use of all user information, including group membership and rights
  • Support of Android and iOS native operating system features avoids any overhead.
  • An HTLM5-based management interface makes administration so easy, even in the largest environments.

Mobile Device Management (MDM): Automatic Device Configuration

Quick and Easy Setup of Devices

No matter whether you want to include tablets and smartphones owned by employees into your mobile device management or brand new equipment directly from the manufacturer, Cortado offers the best solution. For example, employees located in a foreign office can enable and setup a new device completely independently. Cortado Server also fully supports Apple’s Device Enrollment Program.

Unified Management of Devices, Apps, File Access and Printing

When setting up the devices, Cortado Server also creates a business container with the required productivity apps. It includes not just the e-mail and intranet apps, but also the Cortado app, which allows users to access the file server. And setting up corporate printers on the device is also extremely easy. In just one step, devices are integrated into the device management and at the same time a highly-productive potential for employees is created.

Mobile Device Management (MDM): HTML5-based Management Console

Mobile Device Management (MDM): Automatic os update of iOS and Android devices

Update Conflicts? Not with Cortado Server

Cortado fully utilizes the features of the iOS and Android operating systems. Problems when updating no longer occur. This is because compatibility is ensured by Apple and Google. Your employees benefit right from the start from the advantages of new operating system versions. Cortado offers for each platform and each device the best possible implementation of the management features that are available. This means that IT administrators don’t have to reinvent the wheel for each platform.

Full Automation via Windows PowerShell

Especially in large environments, automation of management processes makes a lot of sense. Cortado Server is the only MDM solution to offer full support for Windows PowerShell. So, IT administrators can easily and elegantly embed Cortado Server into their current management architecture.


Bunch of Mobile Devices

How To Enroll Large Numbers Of Devices With Just A Few Clicks

Administrators invest many time in setting up mobile devices. This is a complex process with potential for errors. A process however which can be completed far easier.

Adding a tenant via the Cortado Management Console

Active-Directory-based MDM: How It Works

IT experts rely on comprehensive group management that efficiently assigns existing user groups the relevant rights, applications and resources. Read all about the advantages of MDM integration into the existing Active Directory and how it works.

Automate MDM Processes With Windows PowerShell

With Windows PowerShell, time-consuming MDM processes can be automated and improved. Get a comprehensive overview of the main Windows PowerShell commands supported by Cortado.

Cortado Feature Matrix - Download

Features At A Glance

Get an overview of all available Cortado features and see which platforms they support  (iOS, Android, Windows Phone, etc.).