Mobile Security & Control

Cortado is based on a three-tier security concept. Mobile security is ensured on the device, during data transmission and when accessing the backend.

Mobile security: Apps in a secure business container

Native Container: Secure Corporate Data, Efficient Productivity

Based on the secure iOS and Android for Work management features, a secure container for business apps and data can be easily created. In addition to the native mail app and all other managed apps, this includes the Cortado app for efficient network access and file sharing, as well as a secure browser for access to intranet sites and apps. This combines the highest levels of data security with the maximal productivity of mobile employees.

Minimal Local Data Storage

With Cortado Server, the need for potentially unsafe data storage on the mobile device is minimized. Thanks to anytime, anywhere access to the corporate network, local stockpiling of data is redundant. In addition, many features such as printing, faxing, and the forwarding of files via e-mail are completed server-side in the backend. Even for viewing files, no download is necessary – instead of the original file, a data-optimized preview is loaded on the device.

Mobile security: Secure access to the company network

Mobile security: Remote wipe, password settings and more security options in the User Self Service Portal

Immediate Security Measures For Lost Devices

The loss of a smartphone, tablet or notebook requires an immediate response. However, not all companies have an IT administrator available around the clock. This is where the User Self Service Portal comes into play. Accessible for users with any internet browser, it allows a lost device to be placed in “Lost” mode and prevent any unauthorized access. In addition, users can initiate a search for their device. If that offers no success, data on the device can be remotely wiped – either partially wiped with only business data being deleted, or alternatively the device can be fully wiped.

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