Mobile Workplace

Secure, mobile access to network drives and business files is a prerequisite for effective remote working. Whether with notebooks, tablets or smartphones, Cortado allows employees to access the same drives as their work computer anytime, anywhere.

Mobile Work Made Easy

Secure file access – with any device

Whether with a PC, Mac, tablet or smartphone – employees benefit from direct access to their work folders and files. The Cortado Workplace app is available for Android and iOS devices, users of other devices simply log into the web app.

Work flexibly with documents

With the Cortado Workplace app, employees browse through their usual network drives. Depending on IT approval, files can be previewed, emailed, downloaded, uploaded, or exported to other apps.

Boundless cooperation

Edited documents can also be easily saved back to the corporate server and are directly available for colleagues. Thanks to comprehensive file versioning, changes and history are always traceable. In addition, on-premises virtual data rooms are available for project work across corporate boundaries.

Full Integration

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File Server

All files stay where they belong – on the central file server and securely behind the corporate firewall. There is no need to set up a sync folder or a second file system in the cloud.

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Active Directory

The Cortado solution integrates seamlessly into the existing Active Directory. All existing user groups and rights are adopted. Using the Cortado console, admins can further restrict, but not extend, mobile access rights.

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SharePoint Server

Users can access Microsoft SharePoint on the go just as easily as they would access any other file system. No separate app or browser is even required.

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Mobile Device Management

A comprehensive mobile device management system is integrated into the solution. For example, network access can be blocked and data can be deleted remotely.

Security & Control

Access control according to individual security requirements

Access to network drives is via the Cortado Workplace app. Using the Management Console, the IT department can determine whether network access should remain self-contained or whether users can download, export or share files on the mobile device, for example, via e-mail.

Remotely delete work data and block access

Partial Wipe allows administrators to selectively delete corporate content from a mobile device if it is lost, stolen or the user leaves the company. Further access to files with this device can be prevented by locking the Cortado Workplace app.

Policy compliance and control

Comprehensive integration into existing IT systems ensures that the corporate guidelines are adhered to with mobile access. Extensive auditing options also ensure that all actions are traceable. Important reports are displayed clearly, and all user activities are registered in the event log.

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The mobile workplace features are part of our enterprise mobility solution Cortado Server. which is available on request only.

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