Easy and Secure Enterprise Mobility Management for Service Providers and Enterprises

Now Available: Cortado Server with Multitenancy Support

Whether for service providers or IT departments – multitenancy makes managing devices and apps even easier and more secure. Instead of setting up a dedicated server for every customer, every location or every subsidiary, user groups can be managed as tenants via a central Cortado Server. The data of the individual tenants remain strictly separate from each other. Each group has a separate place on the server and only authorized persons are granted access.


Multi Tenancy: Add a tenant via the Cortado Management Console

  • More efficiency
    Service providers and IT departments manage just one central Cortado Server.
  • Improved flexibility
    New tenants are added instantly, without having to reinstall an additional server.
  • Reduced costs
    Fewer servers means lower hardware expenditure as well as less maintenance.
  • Full data security
    Each tenant has their own SQL database and their own Active Directory connection. Only authorized users are granted access.

For Service Providers

  • Do you want to offer your customers high-performance mobile device and application management (MDM/MAM)?
  • Would you like to add new customers flexibly and without having to create a new server each time?
  • Is customer data security at the top of your agenda?

For Enterprises

  • Do you want to centrally and easily manage your MDM and MAM solution?
  • Do you wish to grant subsidiaries and branch offices rights to manage their own device pools?
  • Would you like to save costs by consolidating your EMM server?

Demo Cortado Server with multitenancy.
Simply download and test 30 days for free and without any obligation.

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