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Cortado Printer Locator

The Cortado Printer Locator helps you determine the IP address of printers within your corporate network. It is not for use in wireless home networks. 


  • Requirements: The Cortado Printer Locator supports Microsoft Windows 32-bit computers only and is compatible with Windows XP, Vista and Windows 7.

  • How to start: After download and installation, run the Cortado Printer Locator. On the Home Screen, select “Actions” from the top menu and then “Scan Network”.


 Tip!  How to determine the IP address of your printer within a 
          WiFi home network:

  • If your printer is connected via USB to your router, the IP address of your printer equals the IP address of your router. Please consult your router’s manual for further information.

  • If your printer is connected to a WLAN FritzBox, just enter "fritz.box" instead of the printer's IP address.
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