Digital Bathroom Measurements for Faster Order Processing


Case Study: Artweger GmbH & Co. KG

Sales staff at Artweger use their mobile devices for synchronizing email, calendars, contacts and for the measurements of clients’ bathrooms.

For decades, Artweger GmbH & Co. KG located in Bad Ischl, Austria, has been developing bathroom products which, in addition to lasting quality and maximum functionality, have one thing in common – a focus on making customers lives more beautiful and pleasant. Around 35 sales employees in Germany, Austria and Switzerland take care of advising existing and potential customers on site. Artweger equipped its sales staff with iPhones and iPads so that they could also work productively while on the move. “Initially, we manually configured the devices for the employees,” recalls Daniel Pichler – a member of the IT department at the company. “That was really time-consuming. Every little change made by employees had to be restored by hand.”

The Solution: An MDM System

It quickly became clear that this burden had to be reduced. A mobile device management solution was sought to automate the setup of the devices and secure the mobile apps.
Various systems were evaluated. Finally, a decision was made in favor of Cortado MDM. From Daniel Pichler’s point of view, the enterprise mobility solution from Cortado Mobile Solutions had several advantages: “In addition to the standard MDM functions, we really liked the mobile access to the company drives that the Cortado app enables as well as the mobile printing feature,” said Mr. Pichler. “We were also impressed by the ability to install VPNs for individual apps and for specific websites.”
In October 2017, the system was then rolled out to all 90 devices used by both the sales staff as well as some HQ employees.

Assignment of rights via Microsoft Active Directory and policies

The rights for mobile use are defined by the IT department in the Active Directory and set via policies in Cortado MDM. Since employees can also use their iPhones and iPads for private purposes, the strict separation of business and private data is a top priority for Artweger.

Since the introduction of the Cortado solution, the manual setup of devices now belongs to the past. The devices are now sent from the provider directly to the employees in their original packaging and set up by the employees themselves. Pichler says “90 percent of our colleagues have no issues with setting up their device.”

Important apps, including an app for taking measurements, can be used on the go.

Email, calendar and contacts are all used. Internal web applications, a wiki and access to the intranet, training documents and videos are also provided. An important app provided with Cortado MDM is My Measures from TOP APP d.o.o. is. With this app, sales consultants complete bathroom measurements on construction sites. Based on these measurements, CAD drawings are created upon which production of the products is based. This is a particularly important element of the process as more than half of the company’s customer projects consist of custom-made products.

The mission to work while mobile is accomplished

Daniel Pichler is fully satisfied: “File access is a really practical feature,” says the IT expert. “And printing is also nice to have.” Some users use these features more frequently, others less. It depends often on the user’s personal preferences and habits. “In general, we’re highly-satisfied with the project. Everything we set out to do has been achieved.”

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