Secure Access to Corporate Data with Company and Employee Phones

DRK Team Member

The Red Cross of Lower Saxony (DRK) relies on Cortado MDM for secure management of smartphones and tablets used at work.

The German Red Cross of Lower Saxony which consists of 45 district and 1046 local associations is one of the largest Red Cross associations within Germany.

Emergency services, daycare centers, and outpatient care for people in need of assistance, the Lower Saxony Red Cross is the leading provider in the region focusing on the community’s well-being.

As the IT manager, Christian Woller is responsible for the organization’s hardware and software, therefore also for the secure management of his colleagues’ smartphones.

Use Case:

At the Lower Saxony Red Cross, both company-owned and very often also privately-owned smartphones are used for business purposes, including e-mail and calendars.

Since all devices, including privately-owned smartphones, access the organization’s data-protection relevant information, secure protection had to be guaranteed.

The IT expert, therefore, switched from another system to Cortado MDM. For the Lower Saxony Red Cross, the private and work areas on the mobile devices had to be strictly separated from each other. Christian Woller said, “We’re very happy to have found an effective product with Cortado that allows us to do just that.”

Cortado MDM ensures that the work area on BYOD devices (Bring Your Own Device) is protected from access by private apps, and in the event of loss, organizational data can be removed from the device remotely.

Employees at Lower Saxony Red Cross benefit from the fact that they can use their own smartphones for private and business purposes, and are fully compliant with data protection regulations.

Christian Woller’s adds his tips for a successful MDM project:

To get off to the best possible start in the MDM project, he recommends having a Cortado employee support with the onboarding process. “Cortado support is fantastic.” he continued.

Why did the Lower Saxony Red Cross choose Cortado?

Cortado MDM offers the Lower Saxony Red Cross an ideal combination of a data protection-compliant MDM solution, even when using private employee smartphones or tablets, and a strong price-performance ratio.

According to Christian Woller, the onboarding process with Cortado MDM is simple and clear, and the use of the apps and handling has also improved significantly.