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Managed Enterprise Mobility for Global Leader - Case Study

Case Study: Gelita

Gelita, global market leader for the production and marketing of collagen proteins, increases its mobile productivity and security with MDM, file access and mobile printing.

When Gelita AG first began integrating devices there were no MDM solutions. Mobile phones and tablets were assigned preferentially to the users from management; their use was controlled via a Group Policy. It made mobile work partly a vote of confidence. But it was clear from the start to the IT experts at company headquarters in Eberbach in Baden-Württemberg, that with branch offices and production facilities around the globe, this could not be a permanent solution. So the IT team began looking for a suitable solution.

“One of the main questions was how do we give employees secure but user-friendly access to important documents” is how David Rochell, Head of Global System Management and Services at Gelita AG, described the challenge. Four different MDM solutions were evaluated, including Cortado Server. “The Cortado solution was a relatively new product in our eyes,” recalled David Rochell. “But we liked the diverse functionalities better than those of the competition.”

The company initially tested the solution for two months at their headquarters and the Eberbach plant. “The users were thrilled,” said Rochell. Employees, primarily from management, were now able to access documents on the company drives, or Gelita Box, by using the Cortado solution on their mobile devices provided by the company. Rochell:

No matter where the users are they have 24/7 mobile access to the company and their documents.

An additional argument for Cortado Server was mobile printing. The Cortado solution allows you to use network printers that don’t support native iOS printing or cannot be reached through the Wi-Fi network. The Gelita IT expert said that without the Cortado Enterprise Mobility solution it would not be possible. The rights for mobile printing are assigned in the management console.

“The implementation and administration are really quite simple,” said David Rochell. Only during implementation in the DMZ (Demilitarized Zone) were there some small problems, but they were solved very quickly with technical support. “And the User Self Service Portal is also very good.” The employees do a lot of it themselves.

For wiping, it is good that the IT department has a choice between various measures. Now and again it may happen that employees report a lost device, only to find it in the couch a day later. In cases of temporary loss, the IT department would be able to wipe only the user’s business-related data and would not have to take the drastic step of wiping the entire device.

Initially, about 150 employees at the Gelita headquarters were connected to Cortado Server. Then the global rollout followed gradually in North and South America, Mexico, in the Asia-Pacific region and in Sweden. In addition to management, employees in production were also included in the rollout.

Rochell said he could not think of a single feature missing from the Cortado solution. You can see that Cortado Server is constantly being enhanced and refined. David Rochell:

We are one hundred percent satisfied with the product.


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