Great care and wound treatment – now powered by mobile devices

Arzt klebt Gips auf ein Knie

They help with research, documentation and are handy for GPS directions to each patient; Rented smartphones and tablets −­ managed by Cortado MDM and provided by fonlos − optimize existing work processes at the Aurelia Care Services and Wound Treatment Center in Germany.

Aurelia and Erkan Erul realized their dream and opened the Aurelia Care Services and Wound Treatment Center in 2019. The successful business in Lower Saxony now employs 16 workers. Erkan Erul was already digitally minded before setting up the company, and it was clear to him and his wife that their team should be equipped with mobile devices.

When it came to procuring the devices, the Eruls opted for a leasing model from the tech-as-a-service provider fonlos. If devices become broken or usable, they are replaced by fonlos. This saves the Eruls from unnecessary hassle and allows them to calculate a fixed price for devices. Erkan Erul: “For me, this is a more logical and more elegant option than purchasing.”

The devices and apps are managed with Cortado MDM. There is close cooperation between fonlos and Cortado Mobile Solutions: every time fonlos devices are used in companies, Cortado’s mobile device management solution is on board.

It’s clear that no smartphone can replace manual nursing activities, says the managing director of the nursing service, Erkan Erul, but “where technology acts as a massive relief is by the exchange of information.” The faster exchange between the nursing staff and the nursing service management team means that it is possible to react quicker to circumstances, and that is of course an important ability in this field, he says.

And smartphones also make for greater efficiency with documentation. Industry-standard nursing software shows employees their schedule. “They can use it to navigate, document information about the person being cared for, add new services and record work hours,” says Mr. Erul. If their schedule is changed, the nursing staff receive a notification on their smartphone. For wound care, the nursing service relies on tablets too. Whereas care workers used to measure wounds with a ruler and send a photo of them to the health insurance company, staff now work with software with an integrated digital ruler. The devices are also used to scan patient documents and send them directly to the hospital.

Mr. Erul is pleased. “It saves an insane amount of time! …The operation of the devices and the Cortado software is simple and self-explanatory.” Although he admits he has a bit of an advantage thanks to his previous IT knowledge, Mr. Erul is sure that anyone can work with Cortado MDM because it is so easy to use.