Logistics Company Manages Drivers’ Samsung Smartphones

IE Logistic Transporter

Reliability delivered thanks to mobile device management: The Austrian logistics company IE Logistic administers its drivers’ smartphones with Cortado MDM.

Furniture deliveries and home removal services, as well as other transport services, are the specialties of the Tyrol-based IE Logistic firm which employs around 80 drivers.

It was clear to the company early on that their drivers should receive their dispatches on company smartphones to simplify and improve work processes. Onur Polat, the company’s managing director who has an IT background, was looking for a mobile device management system that would centrally manage and control the devices. Initially, he relied on an open-source MDM solution, an option open to him due to his technical background. But after he ran into technical problems with the software, he decided to replace it with Cortado MDM.

With Cortado’s system, Onur Polat created a central template for smartphones, defining what the drivers do with the device and which apps they are permitted to use. For example, he set up the system so that smartphones cannot be used as Wi-Fi hotspots. In the past, this had repeatedly led to technical problems. Onur Polat said “The documentation for the Cortado system is great. Once the system is set up, it’s up and running.”

Samsung Galaxy A52s are used by the drivers at IE Logistic. The smartphones are for business-use only and it is not possible to install private apps. Private phone calls are however permitted within reason.

FastLeanSmart, a real-time software for scheduling and route planning, has been rolled out to smartphones too. Drivers also use WhatsApp to communicate with each other, in addition to Google Maps, Maps.me, Signal, a messenger app, and a barcode scanner.

“There is no information that would be relevant to data protection on the smartphones,” said Onur Polat.

For day-to-day business, all drivers log into the system and receive their externally dispatched orders via their smartphones. Onur Polat continued “The drivers don’t notice that Cortado is installed on their devices. That’s a good thing. That’s how an MDM system should be.”

According to the IT expert, the drivers’ devices sometimes get lost. That’s where tracking and remote wipe are important, he says. In the past, there were also problems with uncontrolled updates. With the introduction of Cortado, he scheduled the execution of updates for midnight. This eliminates any possibility of disrupting operations.

For the logistics sector, mobile device management offers invaluable advantages. Just the fact that updates can be rolled out automatically, without having to manually deal with each device, makes work much easier.