Always Easy Access: Landscape Construction Company Relies on Private Cloud

MDM for Landscape Construction Company

Case Study: Gothic Landscape

How many times have you said or heard, ‘I’m on my way out, when I get back to office I’ll send it to you’, or ‘I’m at the airport, on the road, or with another client, I will contact my office to send it to you? This was a constant challenge within our organization; as a result we were seeking a solution to cut out much of this wasted time.

– Daniel Cullen, IT Director Gothic Landscape

The Solution – Read more on Daniel’s experience in his own words:

“Cortado Server allows anyone to securely access and edit documents from any smart device such as iPhone, iPad or Android, from anywhere they can get an Internet connection.

We no longer have to wait on another person, hoping they can access and send the correct file. I no longer need to worry “what files do I need to download, or transfer ahead?” There is no need to wait for a user to complete a document so I can take it with me. I, instead, am able to logon with my smartphone, review, click send, and I’m done! This can be done from any smart phone, tablet, or laptop.

That, in and of itself, would make for a nice program but it offers much more for the IT department.

One piece that I particularly like is that Cortado Server has become my private cloud. I control ‘my cloud’ and I don’t send my corporate data somewhere else. I am also able to restrict the views, keeping my documents more secure.

I’m discovering the control I have over my mobile devices (MDM) and the way I can push all iOS apps as managed apps to any device. One major advantage, I’ve found, is that if a user’s mobile device is damaged or lost, they can get a new device and I can push all their applications back to the new unit. This can happen anywhere, from any mobile phone or Apple Store, even in another state.

Cortado Server is recommended for any company who has mobile users, people out in the field. It is a recommended product.”


  • Industry: Landscape and Horticultural Services
  • Solution: Cortado Server
  • Hardware: iPads, iPhones, Android devices and Laptops


Gothic Landscaping has been providing outstanding service and creating true partnerships for over 25 years. Gothic is currently the largest majority family owned landscape construction company in the nation, according to Landscape Management magazine, and 6th largest nationally overall.

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