Mobile Expert Advice: Light iPads Instead of Heavy Folders

MDM for Agribusiness Company - Case Study

Case Study: Trede & von Pein

Thanks to the enterprise mobility solution from Cortado, consultants at Trede & von Pein, a German agribusiness, can access important documents while on site with customers.

Until recently, consulting staff at Trede & von Pein had their hands full when traveling: Heavy folders with numerous documents were a constant accompaniment for employees when advising customers on site. By the end of 2015, the company decided to reduce the amount of printed material it provided its employees with and rolled out iPads. The IT system vendor Backauf Computer recommended the use of the Cortado solution.

The enterprise mobility solution delivers mobile device management to administer the iPads in use. Based on Microsoft Active Directory, rights for individual employees are administered via the Management Console of the Cortado solution. If a device is lost or stolen, either the business-related data can be wiped remotely, or indeed, the device as a whole.

In addition to MDM functionality, what made Trede & von Pein choose the Cortado solution was the possibility to have mobile access to the directory structure of the company and the files and documents stored there. Thus, the aim of easier and faster working for employees on the go was achieved.

According to IT administrator Andreas Rave, sales consultants now access all current documents directly with their iPads. These include up-to-date price lists, fertilizer compositions as well as relevant information and data sheets.

Each consultant downloads exactly the information that he needs.

Andreas Rave, IT Administrator

As appointments with clients on site even take place in rural kitchens and farmyards, a good connection is not always available. Many of the consultants take advantage of the offline feature according to Andreas Rave. This means that usually they download the documents they require the evening before and use them the next day on site. However, a 4G or 3G connection is usually suitable to download any other documents to the iPad they might need.

In addition to the Cortado solution, a VPN connection is used which allows employees to access an enterprise resource planning (ERP) system. When connected, they can easily view inventory levels, or initiate, change and cancel orders.

The introduction of the Cortado solution was easy according to Andreas Rave. “Showing colleagues how to use Cortado took less than two minutes. It is designed in a very user-friendly way” said the IT expert. In the initial stage, ten users were equipped with the solution. But as word spread of how easy it was to work with iPads and the Cortado solution, user numbers increased so that 25 employees now benefit from the solution. Andreas Rave:

Employees are enthused, and mobile working is easier, faster and ultimately more environmentally friendly as paper documents are no longer required.



The agribusinesses Detlef Trede (founded 1831) and Herman von Pein (founded 1865) merged in 1994 to form Trede & von Pein. They successfully continue what the generations before them built up. The experience brought by both companies and knowledge are therefore bundled into modern and, high-performance agribusiness.

With healthy growth in all business areas, the company continuously works on future-oriented corporate development with its 250 employees.

A team of thirty highly-qualified consultants are on-site for expert advice, delivering reliable service. Not just further training is important at Trade & von Pein, so too are apprenticeships with many of the trainees later assuming a full time position in the expanding company.

Short decision-making processes, practical and individual solutions, high quality products, personal contact with customers as well as efficient logistics make Trede & von Pein an important partner in the German agriculture sector.

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