Secure Mobile File Access for Municipal Insurance Company

MDM for Municipal Insurance Company

Case Study: KSA & OKV

The Challenge:

The KSA and OKV were looking for an enterprise mobility solution to improve the productivity and ability to act of their employees who also partly work when mobile. Management, IT department and sales staff should have the option to access and edit work documents when mobile. It was important above all to enable access to the file system and the intranet. Of course, the mobile devices should also be secure and easy to manage.

After an evaluation phase, the company chose Cortado Server.

The Solution:

Management, IT departments and sales staff got iPhones and iPads that they can also utilize for personal use. One particular challenge was the fluid access to the intranet sites of the KSA and the OKV. Here there are forms created by company, specifically tailored to the requirements of the KSA and the OKV, such as counseling reports. Through Cortado Server, the sales staff can now access the intranet with their mobile devices, fill out the forms online with customers on-site and save them directly to the company network.

MDM is offered by many, but the major benefit of Cortado Server is mobile access to the file system and intranet. You get to your documents quickly and, above all, easily. No other solution was able to do that,” said Jörn Poerschke, General Manager of KSA Verwaltungsgesellschaft mbH. “The user really is the focus here because he needs mobile access to documents.

For Andreas Drobeck, group leader of IT operations, the security and the easy management of devices were crucial.

The AD integration of Cortado’s solution is important,” said the IT expert. “You don’t have to provide any further user guidance. Once installed and set up, it runs alongside. And you don’t have to look at the Cortado Management Console every day.


  • Client: KSA & OKV
  • Industry: Insurance
  • Solution: Cortado Server
  • Devices: iPads & iPhones


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